Past example of a conference – check the News (only in Italian) for others!

Bookpresentation of “Zona Rossa” and “La mia battaglia contro Ebola” (only Italian)
Conferenz with Dr. Fabrizio Pulvirenti
16. September 2016, 10 o’clock in the “Casa d’Italia”
Erismannstrasse 6 – 8004 Zurich

Il 16 settembre alle ore 10 presso Casa d’Italia (Erismannstrasse 6, Zurigo) il dott. Fabrizio Pulvirenti presenterà i libri “Zona Rossa” e “La mia battaglia contro Ebola”. L’evento, organizzato da Falkenconsulting e Liceo Vermigli in collaborazione con l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Zurigo, è a ingresso libero.


The Liceo Vermigli has produced a number of different play in years past. Here are just few past examples:

La fattoria degli animali

An adaptation by Prof. Passannante based on the 1945 classic “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.
The show premiered on the 16. of November 2014 in Dietikon and the second showing was held on the 12. December in the “Pirandello” hall of the “Casa d’Italia”.

Filomena Maturano

Stageplay after the homonymous play by Eduardo De Filippo (written 1946). It is the same play on which De Sica based his film “Matrimonio all’italiana” (1964) with Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren.

The show premiered on Sunday the 15. December 2013 in the “Pirandello” hall of the “Casa d’Italia”.

End-of-school-year celebration

At the end of the school year the Liceo Vermigli holds a celebration for its students and their parents. During the celebration graduating students also receive their diploma.

Students’ Party

Party Liceo Vermigli

It’s tradition at the Liceo Vermigli to offer its students the locality after the graduation celebration to hold a party. The next party will be on the 14th of June 2017

Field trips

Field trips are either organized for the entire school or for individual grades. The destination is usually chosen on its educational or cultural merit. Field trips are treated like classes, which is why the organizing committee needs approval of the principals as well as help from the teaching staff.

Suggestions for possible field trips are made by the students themselves. Whether or not they get approved depends on their fit with the current curriculum. In the past multiple trips have been approved, because they not only fitted within the curriculum, but also helped to build the students’ cultural knowledge.

Regular fieldtrips include the collection of the Zurich art museum or the classical collection of plaster casts of the archaeological institute of the University of Zurich. There our students not only get the chance to study culture and history, they also get the chance to talk to experts in that field. For that reason, is the Liceo Vermigli always in contact with multiple institution such as these museums or the “Technorama” in Winterthur.

Field Trip Liceo Vermigli

The Liceo Vermigli at the Expo 2015

From the 21. to the 22. of Oktober 2014 the students from our first to third grade had the chance to visit the Expo in Milano with their principals.

For more pictures of this field trip click on the picture and you will be taken to the Liceo Vermigli Flickr Album.

Trip to Prague

For more pictures of this field trip click on the picture and you will be taken to the Liceo Vermigli Flickr Album.

November 2015 our fourth grade students got the chance to learn about the local culture in the city of Prague