First Certificate in English

Each year our English teachers offer a preparation course for the First Certificate in English (FCE) exam. The course is open to all of our students and is carried out on a weekly basis each wednesday afternoon.

Linguistic – mathematics games

The “logical – linguistic mathematics games” are carried out by Gioiamathesis (an organisation of the ministry of education) with the goal to challenge and improve logical thinking in our students. The materials taught in the games are independent from our curriculum. Therefore, students of each grade can participate. The games themselves require the ability for creative and logical problem-solving and connected thinking – both skills that are highly valued in universities around the globe.

Active Science

Prof. Caffarel organizes this project (duration: 1 year) in collaboration with the online learning platform “Scienza Attiva” ( This web-based e-learning tool confronts its users with a number of social and scientific issues while at the same time urging them to contribute to a solution via democratic discussion. The current topic is “Agriculture, Nutrition and Sustainability” and the third grade of the scientific study program will participate.