The teaching staff of the Liceo Vermigli consists of the principal, the vice-principal and 12 teachers. One of the teachers is hired by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs, and all the others by the administrative office of the school.

We place a high value on the openess and competence of our teaching staff. It is our goal, that each teacher manages to establish a professional as well as a personal relationship with our students and their parents.

Prof. Alessandro Sandrini – Principal

Alessandro Sandrini studied literature and philosophy in Florence. He wrote his dissertation on the idols of Leopardi and about “i paesaggi dello spirito” with Domenico De Robertis. After graduation Sandrini taught at various academic high schools in Florence and Rome. During his teaching he was also co-author of the Gabrielli dictionary of the Italian language and worked in the textbook department of various publishers (such as Einaudi or Rizzoli). Later he relocated his teaching position to Rome teaching among others at the “Swiss School of Rome”, Richmond University, the Canadian Embassy and the German Academy at the Villa Massimo. In addition to teaching at Liceo Vermigli Sandrini is still active as an author. His next work, a commentary volume on Dante’s divine comedy is waiting to be published.

Prof. Catia Caffarel – Vice-Principal

Catia Caffarel graduated in natural sciences at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at the University of Turin. She has been a middle-school teacher in the Italian-speaking Switzerland since 1989. Started off working at the academic high-school Institute Montana on the Zugerberg and since 2002 at the Liceo Vermigli. In her free summer period she often likes to lead the “Saussurrea” botanical garden on the slopes of Mont Blanc.

Prof. Elisabetta Allegri

English (LL & LS)

Elisabetta Allegri studied foreign languages and modern literature at the University of Padua. She did her doctors in English at the University of Venice. Afterwards she worked for two years in the department of Anglo-Germanic languages and literature at the University of Padua. She continued her education to become a teacher and lived in England for four years. There she taught Italian at various public and private schools. Prior to joining the Liceo Vermigli in 2009, she taught English at the “E. Fermi” middle school in Zurich for six years. In addition she is also a lecturer at the Zurich International School, which organizes Italian courses for international baccalaureate students .

Prof.ssa Barbara Ammann

German (LL & LS) and English (LL & LS)

Barbara Ammann did her studies in German and English at the University of Zurich. Thereafter she lived in Manchester, England for 18 months, where she wrote her dissertation on stylistic strategies of the “Phone-In” programs of BBC Radio Manchester. Due to her passion for languages she got herself a job as an interpreter for German and English. Subsequently she worked as a documentary filmmaker for television before she switched to adult education. Since 1993 she  devoted herself to teaching English and German at Liceo Vermigli.

Prof. Rosaria Arnold

Rosaria Arnold completed her studies in philosophy mainly in Switzerland at the University of Zurich. To expand her language skills in French she did a study program in Paris at the Paris-Sorbonne University. At the beginning of her career she taught Italian and French at commercial business schools and various academic high-schools, where she got the opportunity to play part in audio recordings for different textbooks. Rosaria has been a lecturer for French and literature at Liceo Vermigli for a couple of years. She also gives private language lessons or works as a interpreter for firms such as Hewlett Packard, Burroughs, Unisys and Dumet.

Prof. Giuseppina Faella

Giuseppina Faella studied modern literature at the University of Cassino. Afterwards she focused her studies to obtain degree for teaching disabled students. She started teaching Italian and Latin at the “Ugo Foscolo” Highschool soon after. She also held the position of the vice-principal and was responsible for many different administrative tasks.

Additionally she taught students and teachers during many PON- and ministerial projects.

She joined the Liceo Vermigli staff in 2017 as a teacher for Italian and Latin.

Prof. Loredana Lopez

Mathematics (LL & LS) and Physics (LL & LS)

Loredana Lopez did her studies including her doctors in physics at the University of Bari. She then was a member of an international cooperation at BaBar project of SLAC at the University of Standford in California for four years. Loredana Lopez and her collaborators were responsible for the findings of the particle accelerator measurements. She has been a lecturer for mathematics and physics at Liceo Vermigli since 2011.

Prof. Gianfranco Machì

Gianfranco Machì completed his studies in natural sciences at the University of Pisa. Before coming to Liceo Vermigli he worked with the FSO, the Technorama in Winterthur and the Museum of Natural Sciences. Since 1999 he has been teaching natural sciences in German at Liceo Vermigli and since 2008 also at the secondary school “E. Fermi”.

Prof. Annita Maviglia

German (LL & LS) and English (LL & LS)

Annita Maviglia completed her studies in modern foreign languages and literature at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome. After graduating she worked for two years as a teacher in Austria (Vienna and Graz) before moving to Zurich in 1990. She has been working as a teacher for Italian at Migros Klubschule since 1994 and has been part of the Faculty of Liceo Vermigli since 2000. Additionally she is also a teacher for Italian at the KV Business School Zurich, where she is responsible for the diploma examinations.

Prof. Lino Mazza

Lino Mazza graduated in Sports and motion sciences from the University of Urbino. In 1989 he pursued further education to become a secondary school teacher for first and second grade in Italy. In 2008 he moved to Switzerland and earned the Swiss diploma as a secondary and academic high school teacher. Ever since he has been teaching sports and motion science to first grade of the E. Fermi secondary school and at the Liceo Vermigli.

Prof. Madleine Skarda

Madleine Skarda discovered her fascination for different cultures at a young age. Therefore, she studied History, Art and international affairs at the University of Zurich (UZH) to follow her passion. In 2013 she earned her teaching diploma and has been giving lectures in Art History at the Liceo Vermigli ever since.

Prof. Alessandra Trubbiani

Alessandra Trubbiani graduated in classical philology at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome. Afterwards she taught literature at various middle schools in Rom, Sondrio and Morbegno (SO) for a few years. She returned to Switzerland to work in the Italian secion of the Montana Institute in Zug. In 2002 joined the teaching staff at the Liceo Vermigli. In addition she worked on the development of “De Mauro” dictionary for the Utet publishing house of Turin.