The Liceo Vermigli offers tutoring to students that are struggling with a subject or are preparing for an exam. The school secretary can provide any interested student with a list of alumni,that have agreed to personally tutor the students in certain subjects.

For more information, please contact the principal’s office.

Tel.: +41 (44) 302 21 62

When: thursdays from 11.00 to 11.50


The Liceo Vermigli is in possession of an extensive school-library. It features books in all four languages taught in class (German, English, French and Italian). The collection is mainly composed of scientific literature and textbooks, but also contains the classics of European literature. The major reference books are at the students disposal for research purposes in school. All the other books can only be borrowed during school hours by contacting the the teacher responsible for the library.

Opening hours and book lending
Opening hours are the same as the school’s. The library service is only open to our students. Student who want to take one of the books home need to leave fill out a form containing name, author, title and date. The teacher responsible will store that form and note date once the book has been returned.

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