The private high school Vermigli was founded in 1978. It is recognized by the Swiss and Italian state as an official alternative to the public schools in Switzerland.

Initially the Liceo Vermigli high school focused its education on linguistic studies. However in 2002 the curriculum was expanded to accommodate a more scientific focused education. Since then, the Liceo Vermigli has become a modern educational facility serving the specific needs of students from around Zurich.


Students can graduate from the Liceo Vermigli in four years after completing the state exams in their chosen field. After graduation, our students can attend any University or college they like – whether it is in Switzerland or somewhere in Europe. Graduates that aren’t interested in continuing their studies can use their diploma to gain easier entry into the workforce. Our diploma proves our students’ prowess in three languages as well as their holistic education – both much sought after requirements in new workers.

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide our students with a broad education. This entails the essentials of logical thinking, such as mathematics and natural sciences as well as the study of modern languages. Additionally, we stress the importance of the traditional humanistic subjects, such as history, philosophy, Latin and world literature.