Improve Your Academic Skills and Career Prospects with a Language Stay Abroad

The Vermigli High School offers to its students the possibility to study a language abroad and, if desired, to combine the stay with an internship or a voluntary work. The language abroad program is overseen by ENAIP Schweiz, a non-profit organisation with more than 50 years of history in the language learning market.

The duration of the language stay can vary greatly according to individual objectives: students can choose to leave for a couple of weeks, for a semester or even opt for a whole school year. An international experience represents an opportunity for the student to enrich himself/herself from a cultural, linguistic, human and personal point of view, since it is a complete immersion in the school system, language and society of the host country.

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What Are the Advantages of Studying a Language Abroad?

  • Full immersion in the language and culture of the host country

  • Learn directly from native speakers

  • Increase your career opportunities

  • Get exposed to a new education system

  • Live an international experience

  • Meet new friends from all over the world

  • Become independent and self-reliant

  • Travel and discover the world

Available Programs

  • Language courses abroad for teens and adults

  • Private language courses abroad

  • School term abroad

  • School year abroad

  • Study holidays for groups and families

  • Internship & language

  • Voluntary work & language

  • And more …

Some Available Destinations


Embark on an adventure into the land of kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef!


Visit the mystic country of Pandas and its 53 World Heritage Sites!


Discover the land of love where one of the most romantic languages in the world is spoken!!


Explore the country that saw the birth of Einstein, Beethoven, Bach and many other historical figures!


Discover the home of William Shakespeare, the Royal Family and the Beatles!


Set off to discover the nation with the most artistic-cultural heritages in the world!


Experience the unique combination of sea and baroque culture of the Maltese archipelago!


Live the American dream where freedom and dreams encounter reality!

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