General timetable

Lessons during the week begin at 8.20 and end at 15.10 or 16.00. Every lesson has a duration of 50 minutes. Throughout the day there are two 10-minute breaks and one 40-minute lunch break from 11.50 to 12.30. First year students have 36 lessons a week, all other years 36.

School curriculum

According to the Italian school-system, both the scientific and the linguistic study program of the Liceo Vermigli must cover the following subjects: Latin, Geography, History, Art and Art History, Physics, Mathematics, German (first foreign language), English (second foreign language), French (third foreign language for the linguistic study program), Philosophy, Science and Physical Education.

The two study programs mainly differ from each other in the focus they place on the different subjects. The scientific study program features additional lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Science. Meanwhile, the linguistic study program also incorporates French lessons as well as a stronger focus on culture, history, literature and grammar.