How long does it take a student to graduate and what diploma does he receive?

Our educational program has a duration of 4 years. This duration is required by law and is based on the notification of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE n.0265845 – 4. August 2010). This notification pertains to all Italian high schools abroad – meaning also the Liceo Vermigli.

The diploma achieved through the completion of the state exams allows entry into any Swiss or European university. It also serves as a “Matura” – diploma for students who decide against further studies after graduation – meaning it is proof of a holistic education and high linguistic skill for future employers.

Who are the students of the Liceo Vermigli?

Our students body combines a lot of different cultural backgrounds. Most of our students are second or third generation children of immigrants, born and raised in Switzerland. Their previous education put little or no focus on the Italian language and culture – which is why they decided to join the Liceo Vermigli.
We have also been experiencing a growing interest into our services from the Swiss population. Thanks to our bilingual approach and international orientation, the Liceo Vermigli is seen by many as the best path to join any of the European universities.

The Liceo Vermigli therefore represents an official alternative to local high schools, who often deny students access to a higher education through their selection processes.

Which languages are spoken within the Liceo Vermigli?

Our curriculum features language studies in Italian, German, English and French.

The classroom language within the Liceo Vermigli is Italian. However, certain subjects like science or physics are taught in German or English to improve our students’ linguistic skills.

What are the criteria for admission at the Liceo Vermigli?

Enrolment at the Liceo Vermigli is open to students of any nationality. Students joining the Liceo Vermigli from an Italian school need the “Diploma di Licenza Media” to enrol. Students joining us after the legally required 8 years of school (either Swiss “Sekundarschule” or foreign equivalent) need to partition for a certificate of equality of performance from the Italian consulate. Students who have visited the lower two “Gymnasium” years in Switzerland can directly enrol at the Liceo Vermigli. Basic German or Italian skills (B1) are necessary for enrolment.

People interested in visiting the school before enrolment can attend one morning class to see for themselves – free from any obligation or cost.

For any further information please contact us directly.

What level should a student’s language skill be for enrolment?

Ideally, a student should be able to speak either Italian or German on a B1 level.

Which study programs are offered by the Liceo Vermigli?

Initially the Liceo Vermigli focused its education on linguistic studies. However, the curriculum was expanded in 2002 to also accommodate a more focused scientific education. Since then, the Liceo Vermigli has become a modern educational facility serving the specific needs of students from around Zurich.

What is the timetable during a normal school week?

Lessons during the week begin at 8.20 and end either at 15.10 or 16.00. Each lesson has a duration of 50 minutes. Throughout the day there are two 10-minute breaks and one 40-minute lunch break from 11.50 to 12.30.

Students have 36 lessons a week.

Where is the Liceo Vermigli located?

Liceo Vermigli
Erismannstrasse 6
8004 Zurich

The Liceo Vermigli is located only a few meters away from the bus and tramstop Güterbahnhof , which can be reached with the bus no. 31 and the streetcar no. 8. You can also reach us in about 10 minutes by foot, starting from Zurich main station or the Paradeplatz .

Does the Liceo Vermigli offer any support to students with diffuculties learning one of the required languages?

The Liceo Vermigli has made it its mission to help the integration of students with lacking language (German/Italian) or mathematic skills. Therefore, the Liceo Vermigli cooperates with its partner organisation ENAIP to offer students extracurricular courses at a lower price. These courses are offered for basic language skills in Italian and German (A1 – B2) as well as some beginner’s computer science and mathematics courses.