The yearly tuition fee is CHF 13’980.- You can choose between two payment options:

  • Biannual fee in two CHF 6’690.- instalments. Payment of the first instalment is due before the beginning of the new school year (i.e. until the 31. of July). The second instalment is due in January of the following year.
  • Monthly fee in twelve CHF 1’165.- instalments. Payment is due one month in advance.

All instalments have to be paid according to the chosen payment plan – the payments can’t be split up. Once a payment option has been registered, all instalments until the end of the year have to be paid – irrespective of the chosen payment option. Payments can’t be refunded. Any additional costs are within the responsibility of the legal guardian.

Newly registered students have to pay a one-time fee of 800 CHF to cover administrative costs. This fee is also due, if students are enrolling during the second, third or fourth school year.

Third parties can take the aptitude test with us for CHF 2.000.-. This will allow them to take the state exam without having to visit school.

The criteria for awarding scholarships vary according to the cantons and municipalities. These scholarships must be applied for individually directly at the canton and/or commune of residence. They will be allocated on the basis of family income.