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Welcome to the Liceo Vermigli in Zurich!

The Liceo Vermigli is a high school in the heart of Zurich. We offer our students a holistic education with a focus on bilingual studies since 1978.

We are state-recognised by the Italian and Swiss state as a private alternative to local high schools. It is our goal to prepare our students for the higher education of their choosing. Therefore, we provide them with a modern education, which allows them to enroll in any European University or technical college (ETH).

The Liceo Vermigli is unique among other Swiss private schools, because it offers both a scientific and linguistic high school education without requiring any entrance exam. This means any student who has reached the state-required 8 years of education or the foreign equivalent can enroll.



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How to find us

Liceo Vermigli
Herostrasse 7
8048 Zurich

The Liceo Vermigli is located a few steps away from the Altstetten train station.

You can reach us in less than 10 Minutes from Zurich mainstation using the train, tram or bus until you reach the stop “Bahnhof Altstetten” or “Bahnhof Altstetten Nord”.