Most of our students have successfully continued their studies in various universities after graduation. Their Liceo Vermigli diploma has allowed them to pursue their dream careers and to enter the workforce with confidence in their skills.

Below you can find some exemplary stories from five of our alumni, who looked back on that nostalgic time at the Liceo Vermigli for us.

Alumni stories

Dr. Patrizia Bassini, Qinghai, China

Patrizia Bassini graduated the Liceo Vermigli in 1990. The use her linguistic skills to the fullest, she decided to make her bachelor’s degree in sociology and social anthropology at the Brunel university of London. Afterwards she made her master’s degree in medicinal anthropology. Thanks to her scientific achievements she got awarded with a scholarship at the university of Oxford. There she made her PhD in 2007 at the institute for social and cultural anthropology. She’s also the founder of the “English Centre” –  a successful language school in China.

Dario Bossi

Dr. Dario Bossi, Milan

Dario Bossi earned his Matura diploma in the linguistic study program at the Liceo Vermigli in 2008. Driven by his passion for foreign languages he continued his studies at the Altiero Spinelli School for Interpreters and Translators in Milano and the Institute for Languages and Interpreters in Munich. There he made his Bachelor’s degree in languages and culture and his Master’s as a conference interpreter. After his studies, he successfully took the approval test at the European institutes. Nowadays he works as a freelance interpreter for German, English, French and Danish at the European Parliament and the Italian market.


Avv. Gianpaolo Monteneri, Zurich

After earning his diploma at the Liceo Vermigili, Gianpaolo joined the faculty of law in the university of Freibunrg. He successfully finished his studies and after an extensive language course in Australia he successfully joined the FIFA legal departement in 1997. After more than eight year on the job he started his own law firm for international sport law in Zurich. Today he’s also leading a master program in Madrid and teaches sport law at the university of Zurich.


Sara Pesce, Zurich

Laura Pesce made her diploma in the linguistic study program in 2013. She’s currently studying Italian and German literature at the university of Zurich (UZH). Upon asking her, what her opinion of her time at Liceo Vermigli was, she had this to say: “I’m really grateful to my teachers for the education I’ve received. I believe my time at the Liceo Vermigli didn’t just help with my current studies – it also helped to form my character in a positive way.”

Bruno Zaffino, Milan

After graduating the linguistic study program at the Liceo Vermigli, Bruno studied law at the “Bocconi” university of Milan. After completing his bachelor’s degree he spent four years learning the trade at a law firm. Equipped with more job experience, he then finished his masters degree in law and passed the state exam to become a lawyer in the court of appeal in Milan.

Dr. Vanessa Lorefice

After her graduation from the Liceo Vermigli, Vanessa Lorefice enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the University of Zurich. During her studies she was also able to collect valuable job experience at the Legal & Compliance department of the Credit Suisse Bank. She continued her studies with a master’s degree in inheritance and criminal law also at the University of Zurich. She’s been a member of the civil rights commission of Rüti (ZH) since 2014 and also works as a law consultant at the UBS. She sees her professional success as a result of her intensive studies. She’s glad the Liceo Vermigli made it possible for her to gain access to a highschool (Gymnasium) from her starting position at the Sekundarschule B. Without this chance, she says, she’d never been able to follow her ambitions.

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